10 Must-Have Travel Gadgets

Whether it’s pulling pints or preparing for the Christmas rush in retail; your minds are increasingly thinking about those exotic places and all those activities you’ve only ever dreamed of doing. Now the greatest trip of your life beckons and to make your trip even better, here are 10 must-have travel gadgets you cannot afford to miss!


Wind-up torch.

Batteries are a thing of the past, expensive and annoyingly heavy. Why not purchase a torch that will never run out of battery. If it starts to flicker wind it for a minute and you’ll get a whole charge!


Flint & Striker with Compass.


Weighing an incredible 68 grams and providing 2 of the essential survival items in an emergency, this gadget is a must-have. It’s so small and portable you could put it in the smallest pocket of your backpack or clothes and forget about it.


Travel Electronic Ultrasonic Mosquito Repeller, Personal Alarm & Torch.


If you are going anywhere hot prepare for a nightly assault by armies of mosquitoes. You’ll be Leonidas, without his 300, against a seemingly endless army of the pests. This device can at least help by providing a nuclear option which is also solar charging.


Pama Solar Charger for mobiles, MP3’s and cameras.


It’s happened to all of us! You’ve been on a plane, and your iPod runs out of battery. You need to make a phone call, and the screen goes black. Your about to capture that unique image, you will remember forever, and your camera runs out of battery! For less than £15 you get a fantastic insurance policy that requires nothing but the power of the sun.


Hama Flexible Camera Tripod.


Flexible, lightweight, tiny and versatile. This tripod is remarkable and can be used on pretty much every camera. This wonderful gadget can help you get that extra unique image or footage that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to for fear of breaking your camera.




High-quality sound in a headphone that just can’t be beaten. You can get your pair of urbeats in one of 8 colors or buy them all to match to your outfit. Never sacrifice sound for style again. These ultra-light earbuds are tangle-free and made to take a beating.


Portable Speaker.


The Mini Jambox is small enough to fit in your pocket and light enough that you won’t even notice it. An ideal portable speaker, this thing packs more of a punch than most stationary sound systems.


Mini Iron.


Being the stylish man you are, you’re going to need to carry along an iron. The Steam Bug Travel Iron warms up in 15 seconds and leaves shirts wrinkle-free.


Universal Adapter.


Tumi’s Ultra Slim Universal Power Adapter Kit is compatible with just about any mobile phone, laptop, or MP3 player, so you can keep your electronics powered up without carrying around that mess of cords.


Travel Clock.


Two inches in diameter, Swiss Army’s Travel Alarm 1884 Limited Edition can fit almost anywhere, and the stainless-steel case protects it during bumpy rides. For those looking to concoct their own lotions, read our article on how to make body moisturizer